Electrifying Technical Organic Syntheses

~ the first major technology platform that drives the transfer of electroorganic syntheses from the laboratory to industrial scale ~ 

Information material

Overview article on the electrification of organic synthesis

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Electrochemical arylation reactions

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Boron-doped diamond electrodes in electroorganic synthesis

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Dynamic methods for determining the state of electrodes

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Electrode modeling

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Solvent control in electroorganic synthesis

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Description of multiphase transport

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Model-based kinetics and degradation analysis

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Modern aspects of electrochemistry for the synthesis of high-quality organic products

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Myths and misunderstandings in electroorganic synthesis

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Organic electrosynthesis - a technology of the 21st century

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Reactor optimization

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Electrochemical transfer dihalogenation

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[DOI: 10.1126/science.abf2974 ]